Katandra Bushland Sanctuary

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Rare or Uncommon Flora in Katandra

A female flower growing from the axil of a furry stem and leaf of Bertya brownii

Katandra Bushland Sanctuary contains a variety of vegetation types including open woodlands, heathland, moist tall open-forest and, along the creek lines, moist closed-forest (rainforest).

In addition to providing valuable habitat and food sources for native birds and other fauna, Katandra is important for the conservation of a number of plant species that are rare or uncommon in the area. These include some members of the well-known Australian flora families Myrtaceae, Fabaceae and Rutaceae as well as lesser-known families such as Euphorbiaceae, Lobeliaceae and Psilotaceae.

Photo right -The tiny male flower of Bertya brownii taking the appearance of a candle standing on a plate

Many of the following floral species were identified as rare and uncommon in the area in a report titled “The Vegetation of Katandra Bushland Sanctuary” prepared by Lyn MacDougall. 


Tmesipteris truncata (Cut-fern)


Acianthus caudatus (Mayfly Orchid)

Chiloglottis reflexa (Ant Orchid)


Monotaxis linifolia


Acrotriche divaricata

Asterolasia correifolia (Star Bush)

Bertya brownii

Boronia mollis (Soft Boronia)

Boronia thujuna

Leionema dentatum formerly Phebalium dentatum (Toothed Phebalium)

Lobelia gibbosa (Tall Lobelia)

Logania pusilla (Tiny Logania)

Maytennus silvestris (Orange Bark)

Prostanthera denticulata (Mint Bush)


Passiflora cinnabarina (Native Passion flower)


Cryptocarya glaucescens (Jackwood or Native Laurel)                                                                     

Cryptocarya microneura (Murrogun)

Endiandra sieberi (Corkwood)

Eucalyptus scias (Large-fruited Red Mahogany)

Clockwise from top left - Boronia mollis, Maytennus silvestris, Leionema dentatum, Prostanthera denticulata, Tmesipteris truncata, Cryptocarya glaucescens, Passiflora cinnabarina, Eucalyptus scias