Katandra Bushland Sanctuary

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Rare or Uncommon Flora in Katandra

A female flower growing from the axil of a furry stem and leaf of Bertya brownii

Katandra Bushland Sanctuary contains a variety of vegetation types including open woodlands, heathland, moist tall open-forest and, along the creek lines, moist closed-forest (rainforest).

In addition to providing valuable habitat and food sources for native birds and other fauna, Katandra is important for the conservation of a number of plant species that are rare or uncommon in the area. These include some members of the well-known Australian flora families Myrtaceae, Fabaceae and Rutaceae as well as lesser-known families such as Euphorbiaceae, Lobeliaceae and Psilotaceae.

Photo right -The tiny male flower of Bertya brownii taking the appearance of a candle standing on a plate

Many of the following floral species were identified as rare and uncommon in the area in a report titled “The Vegetation of Katandra Bushland Sanctuary” prepared by Lyn MacDougall. 


Tmesipteris truncata (Cut-fern)


Acianthus caudatus (Mayfly Orchid)

Chiloglottis reflexa (Ant Orchid)


Monotaxis linifolia

Clockwise from top left - Boronia mollis, Maytennus silvestris, Leionema dentatum, Prostanthera denticulata, Tmesipteris truncata, Cryptocarya glaucescens, Passiflora cinnabarina, Eucalyptus scias