Katandra Bushland Sanctuary

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Spring colour

The bushland in Katandra is sprinkled with spring colour. While not as prolific as in some other years, possibly due to the large amount of leaf litter covering the ground, purple, yellow and white seem to be the dominant colours.

Boronia mollis (soft boronia) is the species providing much of the purple in the display. Boronia are relatively short lived shrubs that are well known for their aromatic flowers and/or leaves, producing flowers with 4 petals. There are 95 different known species of boronia all of which are endemic to Australia.

Katandra hosts four species of boronia – B. mollis, B. ledifolia, B. pinnata and B. thujona.

Boronia mollis (above)
Boronia ledifolia (above)
Boronia pinnata (above)