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Leionema dentatum

(formerly Phebalium dentatum)

Leionema dentatum formerly Phebalium dentatum (Toothed Phebalium) is another Rutaceae species that is considered uncommon in the Sydney region but is found growing well in Katandra. Normally found in the northern ranges of NSW, Leionema dentatum is a tall, erect shrub growing to about 3 metres in sheltered sandstone gullies. The leaves are slender and thin, 4 to 8 cm long, with a prominent midrib and 2-toothed at the end (shown right). The recurved leaf margins hide the small-toothed edges. The underside of the leaves and the stems are covered in fine stellate hairs. In spring there are dense masses of small white flowers which form at the end of branches. Each flower has five petals with raised pale yellow anthers.

Illustration from PlantNET Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Leionema dentatum flowers

Leionema dentatum – first described in 1998, formerly known as Phebalium dentatum