Katandra Bushland Sanctuary

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Native Fuchsia

Native Fuchsia is a common name used to identify a number of different plant species, including two that are abundant in Katandra – Correa reflexa and Epacris longiflora.

Correa reflexa, also known as the Common Correa, is a small shrub to 1 metre or so high and wide with small oval shaped leaves. The surfaces of the leaves often have visible oil glands and short hairs. It produces beautiful red tubular flowers up to 40mm long, each with four flaring triangular green tips. The yellow-tipped stamen project beyond the end of the 4 fused petals that make up the tube. Flowering occurs mainly during late autumn and throughout winter. It likes well-drained soil and part shade, occurring naturally in all eastern states as well as South Australia and Tasmania. It grows in a number of different areas within Katandra, being particularly abundant in the section to the west of the toilet block. Correa reflexa is quite fast growing and is known as a reliable garden plant that will also grow very nicely in containers.

Epacris longiflora, also known as the Fuchsia Heath, is an erect to spreading shrub between 1 to 1.5 m in height. It grows in rocky or sandy soils in heath land to woodland margins from thecentral coast of New South Wales to southern Queensland. The flowers are bright pink/red, tubular shaped, up to 30 mm long with white flaring tips. The anthers are hidden in the tubes and flowers are present for most of the year. The tough, prickly, heart-shaped leaves are 5-12mm long, with parallel veins. In Katandra, Epacris longiflora is mainly found along the top of the escarpment, around the yurt, east of the toilet block and in the north-western corner of the sanctuary.