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Hakea is a genus within the Proteaceae family of plants. They are well known for their fruit, a dense woody follicle, often rough and knobbly with a swollen projection or “beak” armed with two sharp “horns”. This fruit develops from the tiny, usually white flowers that are produced along the branches. The fruit splits open to release two seeds each with fibrous “wings”. Hakea seeds are a favourite fruit of the Black Cockatoo. The shape of the fruit can help in identifying the different Hakea species.

There are 4 species of Hakea growing in Katandra.

·      Hakea dactyloides (Finger or Broad-leaved Hakea)

·      Hakea gibbosa (Hairy Hakea or Needlebush)

·      Hakea sericea (Silky Hakea or Bushy Needlebush)

·      Hakea teretifolia (Dagger Hakea)

                                                       Hakea sericea 

Hakea gibbosa

Hakea sericea

Hakea teretifolia

Hakea dactyloides